For many people, television in the home is a source of news and entertainment. It's nice to watch a talk show after work, and a good movie on the weekend. Therefore, equipment failure is always disappointing. What to do: buy a new one or repair it? The latter allows you to save the family budget.

There is an opinion that repairs are a short-term solution. But it all depends on who is doing it. Find out how much it costs to repair a TV on the website telemaster.pro and about warranties. TeleMaster repairs equipment regardless of brand and condition. It is possible to eliminate 99% of types of breakdowns.

What does the repair cost consist of?

The TeleMaster workshop is, first of all, a team of experienced specialists. Thanks to this, the speed and quality of repairs is achieved. But how much will it cost? There cannot be any overpayments at the service center. The price for TV repairs is tied to the price list. It is influenced by:

  • Type of repair. This could be repairing a damaged unit, or completely replacing it with a new part. The decision is made based on the circumstances and the degree of damage to the equipment.
  • TV model and year of manufacture. Obviously, it is more expensive to repair older devices for which parts are difficult to find. However, like completely new models.
  • Type of failure. In some cases, the repair is trivial and takes a minimum of time. In others, it will take professionalism and several days.
  • Additional services. For example, transporting equipment to the workshop (if you don’t want to carry the TV yourself) or carrying out diagnostics (if you refuse repairs).

However, you can be sure of one thing: the cost of repairing a TV will be several times cheaper than buying new equipment. The TeleMaster company repairs devices of almost four dozen models: from LG and Samsung to Haier and Xiaomi. For this we have experience, tools, and supplies of original spare parts.

How to find out the cost of TV repair?

To understand how much it costs to repair a TV, just contact the TeleMaster company. Leave a request, describing exactly what happened to the device. Prices are announced according to the price list. However, there may be discrepancies with it in special cases.

Much depends on the nature of the breakdown, the type of components, and complexity. The exact amount will be announced only after the diagnosis has been carried out. Good news, if you agree and order repairs from TeleMaster, you won’t have to pay for diagnostics.

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